The OverWorlds is a map where players are on the map. OverWorlds can be found the game named CubicWorld. This Game is added on November 20 2002. There are 6 OverWorlds around this map. Leapy and Eden are removed. The most common of the overworld is: CubicTown,VilesCubic,Spyre and QbeeCubic.

List of OverWorlds:

OverWorld Name: Date Added: Date Removed: Common: About this OverWorld: Size of this overworld:
CubicTown November 20 2002 N/A Yes. (Very Common) The CubicTown is the first overworld is added on November 20 2002. The CubicTown has lots of spaces and people. Gigantic 10000x10000
VilesCubic June 7 2002 N/A Yes. (Very Common) VilesCubic is the second overworld is added on June 7 2002. VilesCubic is the world of Qbees. Large 1000x1900
Spyre August 18 2003 N/A Yes. (Very Common) Spyre is the third overworld is added on August 18 2003. Spyre is the huge world. Huge 900x890
QbeeCubic January 7 2004 N/A Yes. (Very Common) QbeeCubic is the fourth overworld is added on January 7 2004. QbeeCubic is the amout of people. Huge 860x899
TinkerLand March 25 2006 N/A Yes. (Common) The TinkerLand is the fifth overworld is added on March 25 2006. Tinkerland is tinker tinker! Big 750x790
Pelago May 23 2009 N/A Yes. (Common) Pelago is the sixth overworld is added on May 23 2009. Pelago is the big size. Big 724x720
Leapy July 17 2011 August 13 2014 No. (Uncommon) Leapy is the seventh overworld is added July 17 2011 and removed August 13 2014. Medium 600x500
Eden September 18 2012 August 13 2014 No. (Uncommon) Eden is the eighth overworld is added September 18 2012 and removed August 13 2014. Small 40x54