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Cubic Girls: Hip Hop day

Once upon there was girl named Cubon. None Remembered Cubon as all they don't know her. Ummm.... Hello Violet! Said Cubon. Hey There! Said Violet. You Both shut up! Said BlazeGirl. But why? Said Cubon. LEAVE VIOLET ALONE! Said BlazeGirl. Hey don't yell! Said Carla. Oh yeah its the best day! Said CindyGirl. Hey Cindy! Said Carla. Whats up! Said CindyGirl. You all girls look stupid! said BlazeGirl. Why are your so mean? said Wanda. SHUT UP! said BlazeGirl. Hippity Hoppity! Said Cubon. Hip Hip Hip Hop! Said Cubon. It was Cubon! Said Violet and BlazeGirl. Let's Rock the Hippity Hoppity! Said Cubon. Ready? Said Cubon. Yeah! said everyone, so all girls like it.

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